Times of truffles: the traditional fair in Dovadola

October, time of truffles, mushrooms and chestnuts. Traditional fairs are all over the towns in the hills of Forlì and Cesena, just follow the various valleys that go from the center town towards Tuscany.

This is a land of truffles. Hunters are some kind of weird people ( they manage a very interesting knowledge of the land, of the spots and of their dogs. If you have the chance to know one of them, you will understand how to buy a good truffle.

Italy is the land of truffles. The most famous places are in the Langhe (Piedmont) or in the center Italy (Le Marche region or Umbria), but Emilia Romagna has an historical tradition, too.

Truffles tradition in Emilia Romagna

The area near the national park of Foreste Casentinesi and Monte Falterona is one of the best areas for truffles. Here many hunters have their secret places and here, in the last 50 years, the third and fourth Sunday of October is dedicated to the white truffle that is born spontaneously in the surrounding green hills. The event was created to promote the exploitation of local products, from white truffle mushroom, from honey to cheese, from wine to salami etc., As well as to raise awareness of the many visitors to the beauty of the area of this corner of Romagna .
After walking around the busy streets full of vendors stalls, farmers market and the truffle lovers of good food, you can taste local specialties that have made famous this event: noodles, polenta, crostini, turnovers, eggs with truffles, meat roaster, the piadina plate with ham, fried potatoes and Romagna wines.

This year the fair will be on October, 16th and 23rd. Stay tuned!


Dovadola is a little borough in the Montone river Valley, not far from Portico di Romagna. If you want to visit it during the fair, remember that the place will be crowded, especially in the afternoon, so try to get there in the morning to enjoy the borough and have some quiet and also the chance to buy and talk with the hunter and local producers.