Using the forgotten herbs

What is your concept of good eating? Have you ever tried to cook healthy? Romagna offers you the maximum expression of the tradition and wellbeing. Today we will talk about the forgotten herbs and the garden of Casola Valsenio.

Food in Romagna: the forgotten herbs of Casola Valsenio garden

Starting from the great experience of Mr Pellegrino Artusi, Romagna traditional dishes are an amazing example of how to prepare food in an healthy way. The wise old way of cooking that women here used in ancient times, shows that good food is easier than can be imagined.

The garden of forgotten herbs of Casola Valsenio is the best place to learn the secrets and discover the various kinds of herbs and their use.

It’s in this place that in 1938 Mr. Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni created a unique collection of herbs. His idea was to keep the biodiversity of plants and the knowledge of the tradition linked to them. Nowadays more than 450 different kinds of herbs, used for medicine purposes but also in the kitchen, are growing in the garden.

The alternate grow keeps the place always alive. “They never stay alive in the same period of the year, says Sauro Biffi, the director of the garden, and also you will never find the same climate all over the place: winds and different ground exposure, make the garden a marvelous example of how nature protects herself.

Cooking with herbs

Following the example of this garden, we have tried to cultivate some of these herbs in our vegetable garden and us them for our menu. Peppermint, marjoram, sorrel, thyme, chive, calendula, and many others have entered our dishes, and we can teach you to us them. Follow our Italian language classes at Academy Olmo. You will have the chance to learn Italian in a nice way!