Traditional country feasts in Romagna: what you cannot miss in 2017-part 1

Do you consider Italy one country? Well, from a political and geographic point of view, it is. But our history has highlighted a common historical habit: that of always being in quarrel with our neighbours, especially if they are living in the nearest village. This is the Italy of the thousands bell towers.

This is why every single borough has its own traditional feast. This post will show you the main events nearby Portico di Romagna in the next months.

The Falo of Rocca San Casciano

The origin of this feast is lost in time; it probably goes back to pagan rituals, especially the Celtic ones. Since the XII century, bonfires were lit along the banks of the river Montone as a result of frequent flooding at that time to appease the waters. Since 1700 each “rione” used to have it’s own: it was a feast where everyone ate, drank and danced until dawn.

The majestic haystacks broom taller than 8 meters, so-called thorns, will be built in two different ways: that of the village, built in the Romagna shape (a cylinder topped by a cone) and that of the market in the Tuscan manner (cone from the bottom). After the magic of the fire is the turn of the "barrel", a race between the two districts that offer their fireworks displays that are not the usual fireworks but real "shock" explosives, which have replaced the old "mortaletti".

This year the main event will happen next 22nd and 23rd April. For info and Tickets:

The palio of the eggs of Tredozio

The festival renews the ancient custom of beating the hard-boiled eggs that took place in the neighboring parish of Ottignana on Easter Monday. Dating back to ancient times, the beating of the boiled eggs was and is still prevalent in other centers in Italy, as a ritual propitiatory spring. The festival is also characterized by the eaters national championship boiled eggs.

The main event is the conquest of the Palio, which renews the annual contest between the four districts. The Palio is preceded by a historical parade in medieval costume. All the four district of the town are represented

Be there on April 16th and 17th. Entrance tickets: 5 euros

Sagra del Prugnolo Cusercoli

Cusercoli is a medieval village which lies on the right Bidente river, between Meldola and Civitella, the Roman Cusercoli (Clusum Herculis) is the flagship of this green valley. The Cusercoli fortress was built in the Middle Ages, around the twelfth century, on a first fortification of the late Roman period; the latter remains an imposing dry stone wall. The fortress belonged to the Abbey of Sant'Ellero, as the bull of Pope Innocent II dated 1213, and the Archbishops of Ravenna. Every year this evnt is dedicated to a special kind of mushroom, a delight of the area, used in local dishes. May 7th – 14th. Free entrance

We will keep you updated for other interesting events you may visit in the area. Stay tuned!