Taste of the forest: the underwood fruits fair of Portico di Romagna

An ancient forest, almost still untouched by human impolite actions; a history of wise holy men, living for centuries in the spirit of the woods, alone, praying and respecting people and their surroundings.

Since then people got used to live out of the products of the woods: trees, fruits, mushrooms, chestnuts and all the things that can be used for the human living.

The underwood fruits fair

So, as in many other villages in Italy, Portico dedicates a special fair that every year in Autumn, celebrates the ancient habits and all the products that come from the forest and from the man hard work.

Mushrooms, truffles, red and dark fruits (raspberry, blackberry and similar), chestnuts. Here nature is very severe: no land to cultivate, only stones, woods and wild animals.

People since centuries got accustomed to live with the poor products of the woods, which are now very precious and much requested by the local markets. Recipes based on them are coming directly from history and while they were used to prepare every day’s poor meals, now represent a gourmand food.

So as in many Romagna fairs in the surroundings, Portico di Romagna express its tradition that is proudly offered to the tourists and visitors of this small paradise.

Taste of the forest in Portico di Romagna

The Portico fair, as it always happens in this little borough, is something exciting: all the people living in the surroundings come over to offer their products. A rainbow of fall colors: reds, browns, yellows all mixed together like the colors of the Fall Foliage.

The village becomes a medieval local market with sellers that are not the ones you can see in a normal market. People are waiting this fair to buy the best truffles or to find the chestnuts they will eat with a tasty local Sangiovese red wine in winter, by their fireplace.

It’s also a good chance to do trekking itineraries towards the Acquacheta falls ( or to the near borough of Bocconi.

A different way to spend a day, enjoying the smells and taste of ancient traditions.