Autumn in Portico di Romagna

Summer is far away and the green and bright colors have turned into yellow and brown leaves falling into the forest. It is the time of Fall Foliage, the time when the woods turn, change skin and become silent until the next Spring.

The Park of Foreste Casentinesi is the undisputed protagonist of this metamorphosis that happens every year. Autumn comes in with the colors, the mist, the small drops of water that cover the leaves, the undergrowth, the ferns and everything that lives here.

The forest and its fruits

Autumn makes us think of the heat of the fireplace, the chestnuts to be shredded, the mushrooms to be eaten with hand-made pasta. Yet the woods are not just this.

Nature produces all that is needed for its creatures so that they can live and survive even in the toughest months when the climate is rigid and the sun remains hidden behind the clouds.

The trees produce fruits and berries. This is the time of chestnuts hand-picked in the large and ancient chestnuts that surround Portico di Romagna, the nectar, the volcano pears, to be cooked in abundant red wine, jujube and apple cocomeri, small and fragrant.

The undergrowth also offers other products, which are collected only in this period: the mushrooms and truffles, especially the black ones, the delicious tubers that the seekers, along with their dogs, find patiently in the reserves and forests near the village.

They are respectful collections. Collectors know how to make the environment not ruin, and the next year brings fruit.

An Autumn Celebration

And so, for so many years, yet 35, Portico di Romagna devoted a feast to the fruits of the undergrowth. The occasion is more unique than rare. Here you meet the real seekers, the little peasants who collect fruits every morning in the woods and then turn them into wonderful jams or products to taste during the winter.

The appointment this year is for Sunday, October 9th. You will find the program on the FB page of the event