Sangiovese: wine traditions of Romagna

very intense and scented red wine and also the symbol of Romagna. Not so famous as it should be even if now things are changing. And, guess what, the main grape to produce Chianti (which is not a grape but only a wine made by a mix composed mainly by the Sangiovese).

For us writing about Sangiovese is thinking about our childhood: every child here had a grandfather who gave him a sip of wine or saw him putting some into a warm dish of Cappelletti.

And it was also a way to distinguish Emilia from Romagna: “ask something to drink along the via Emilia, if you are offered water then you are in Emilia, otherwise you are entering Romagna” .We did not check if this was true, but it was a very old say.

The legend of Sangiovese

As many things, even the legend of Sangiovese in Romagna is just one of the possible origins of this wine. The Capuchin Fathers of the Santarcangelo Convent, skilled vine growers, one day gave hospitality to a very important person, a bishop. During the banquet, they served him a cup of their best wine. The host was stunned by the excellence of the beverage and asked its name. The wine had no name, but one of the monks, inspired by the name of the hill on which the monastery is built and the intense color of the wine (as red as blood), immediately replied "Blood of Jupiter". Only over time, the name changed into "Sangiovese".

Romagna is full of little and big vineyards, producing this wine and since it’s a vast area, the peculiarities of the wine change with the changing of the grounds. You will never taste two similar glasses of Sangiovese, simply because the areas of production are very different.

Tasting Sangiovese

No matter what vineyard you are visiting, Sangiovese will enchant you. We can say it’s a honest wine, a true wine, like the people of Romagna. An intense ruby color, a nice consistence, with the a slow drops fall, a very intense smelling bouquet (cherry, red fruit, violet, spices) and a strong flavor that keeps the tannins in harmony with all the rest.

But, a part from a technical description, Sangiovese is the perfect wine for a good Piadina or for an Italian Panino, but also for a dish of fresh handmade pasta, that will make your day!