Tasting the world: the international chefs at Portico di Romagna

It’s the event of the Summer: something that everyone (gourmet and tourists) is waiting every year. Chef sotto il Portico: a unique chance to taste international high quality food, prepared by 13 international chefs that gather Massimiliano, Matteo and Gianni in this kermesse that takes place since 5 years.

A social foodie event that Massimiliano created after one of his international trips: taking the best restaurant food in the street, ready for everyone and at an affordable price. The street food is getting more and more attention in the last years but it is mainly coming from the tradition.

This is a very different idea: you will not taste something simple and ready made, but a light version of the personal idea of food that every chef is offering at his own restaurant.

Portico: the international capital of quality food

Every year the international chefs brigades changes, letting people discover new tastes but also new countries. This year the leader of the brigade is Titti Qvarnström, Swedish, owner of Bloom in the Park Malmoe; last year she cooked for the Nobel Prize.

With her, for the first time, two friends from Iceland: Bjarni Gunnar Kristinsson, chef of Smurstod & Horpudiskur and Georg Arnar Alldorson of Kolabrautin restaurant. They are considered the two best chefs in the country and the most original interpreters of the great northern cuisine. From Uk Scott Strong, of Scotland Big Catering Company and George Gordon Bradford, a young promise who is refining his art at Vecchio Convento.

From South America, John Restrepo Alexander Quintero, owner of Copita Del Mercado, in Colombia and Marco Alvarez, chef at the Grosvenor House, the luxurious Marriott Hotel's restaurant in London, who will bring the flavors and the colors of Ecuador. From Asia, Nicola Ongaro that will prepare a Sino / Indonesian traditional recipe. The international team, finally, is completed by André Qvarnström, Swedish, who is now working in Germany.

Exploring international food

Are you ready to become explorers of food? Be social and come to Portico di Romagna on the next July 9th and 10th. The format is the same of the last years. The main street of the borough will become an open air restaurant with tables and chairs. Chefs will be there with their amazing dishes. Entering the borough, you can buy the tickets (7 euros each one) to get the dishes. Wine will also be available for 3 euros each glass.

Get your place and enjoy the food and the atmosphere!

Info available at our restaurant: +390543967053 – mail