Chef sotto il Portico: the good kitchen meet in Portico

bunch of international chefs, gathered under the common aim to please the audience with their creations: this is Chef under the bridge, the traditional main event, clou of the summer in Portico di Romagna.

The borough becomes for one night the center of international Buonvivere and Excellence Food, starting from the concept that guides the Cameli chefs (Gianni, Massimiliano and Matteo): a very good selection of the ingredients, taken rigorously from the local producers, and a new way of cooking them through a re- thinking of the tradition.

International chefs in Portico

The idea came from a foreign experience of Massimiliano. During one of his traditional working experiences abroad, he found a nice event done by some chefs in Utrecht who decided to prepare their dishes directly in the street, cooking in front of the people passing by. So honest, so passionate, so fond of their love to share it at almost no cost with the town.

A sort of open air kitchen with different ideas of cooking and a real show, definitely much more interesting that those we are used to see on Television.

The sense of community was immediate: people met and got together for one night, overcoming the limits and hedges of common life, thanks to the graceful power of food and wine.

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From Utrecht to Portico di Romagna the road was quite short and here we are, preparing for the 2015 edition with some surprises. From 2010 international chefs coming from every part of the World are sharing their food with the locals of Portico di Romagna and all the guests coming from the surroundings.

This year you will have the sweetness at your table with some of the most important pastry chefs of Europe and, as usual, the wines of the local Romagna vineyards.

Do not miss this unique event and contact Al Vecchio Convento to get more info and book your staying.