Chef sotto al portico 2019: internatonal chef festival in Portico di Romagna

Saturday 13 e Sunday 14 July 2019 – Portico di Romagna

Chef sotto il Portico 2019 - Special edition

Also during this tenth edition, the village of Portico di Romagna will be transformed into a small capital of international gastronomy. The list of participating chefs will in fact embrace the most varied latitudes. To begin our journey around the world, through the routes of taste, we mention some of the most representative protagonists.

Let's start with Asia and the Malay Atan Kamaruddin who has been a private chef for a sultan and head chef of a very famous London catering.

This year we also have an American, Philip Sinsheimer, a French-American chef and food writer based in Los Angeles since 2004. He cooks for Hollywood celebrities and the most demanding food lovers.

Javier Rodriguez from Argentina began traveling the world at the age of 19 working in the most renowned restaurants: in Australia (Tetsuya s), Denmark (Noma), Norway (Maaemo), Peru ( La Gloria), Singapore (Restaurant André), and England (Viajante) all holders of Michelin Stars. In 2015 he decided to return to his beloved Argentina, to Cordoba, to open his own restaurant, "El Papagayo", where he and his team offer one of the most exciting culinary experiences in the whole nation.

Also from Argentina we have Carlos Horacio Gimenez, who boasts among the various experiences the famous "El Bulli" by Adrià Ferran and now Head Chef in the beautiful restaurant "Apotek" in Reykjavik.

Leif Sørensen, from Faroe Islands, began his career studying biology at university, but left his studies to cook and then worked in some of the best restaurants in Scandinavia. His dream was to return to the Faroe Islands to introduce a new Nordic cuisine to his countrymen , which would however still be loyal to its origins, and so he did and opened the KOKS restaurant. Now he is opening another restaurant in Torshavn.

From Finland, we have Mihail Mihailov who has previous experience from New York’s "Eleven Madison Park", a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, and former head chef of the Hilton in Helsinki and semifinalist of the San Pellegrino "Young Chef Scandinavia". Together with him, Jesse Kakko, a young talent who is already chef at the "New Design Hotel" in Helsinki.

From Scotland, we have for the 10th time our great friend and chef, Scott Forte from Big Catering Company, who recently opened Wyndham Arms, a pub and restaurant, in Kingsbury Episcopy, England.

From Austria we have Caterina and Carmen Patchschwöll, who together with the family, manage Lucullus Catering & Restaurant, a renowned catering and restaurant in Vienna.

From Sweden, we have Axel Zuber, nutritionist, who will create a dish for the little ones.

Also this year there will wine from various wineries and like last year there will be a cocktail bar with creative and innovative cocktails.

The event Chef under the Portico will take place in the street of the beautiful, medieval village centre, and together with the international guest chefs, the Italian chefteam from the local Hotel and restaurant Al Vecchio Convento, father Giovanni Cameli and his two sons Massimilano and Matteo, will orchestrate the event and create their own dish.

The formula is as always: Via Roma, the central street of Portico di Romagna, will be set to embrace 1000 explorers of international gastronomy. Each guest will be able to browse freely among the chefs. Free and informal style. At the cashier, at the beginning of the village, it will be possible to buy the tickets for the dishes (€ 8.00 per dish) and the tickets for the wines (€ 4.00 per glass. The glasses will be distributed at the cashier (€ 5.00 deposit).

Information and reservations:

Informazioni e prenotazioni:

Ristorante Albergo Diffuso Al Vecchio Convento

Tel. 0543967053 – mail

Direzione artistica - Max e Matteo Cameli: 3473719046

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